Room (walls and ceiling) - Drywall Cost

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vCalc.Room (walls and ceiling) - Drywall Cost

The Cost to Drywall a Room calculator computes an estimated cost of drywall to cover the interior walls and ceiling of a rectangular room defined by length, width and height.  The user can choose the length (4x8 or 4x12) and thickness (1/2" or 5/8") of the wall board (gypsum).RoomwallsandceilingDrywallCost-illustration.png   Drywall in a room

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your preferred units and enter the following:

  • (L) The length of the room
  • (W) The width of the room
  • (H) The height of the room
  • (sS) The size of the drywall sheet (pull-down to choose)
  • (sT) The thickness of the drywall sheet (pull-down to choose)

The calculator computes the total surface area of the room (CLICK HERE) and number of required sheets, and uses the sheet specifications to compute the Total Drywall Cost for a Room in U.S. dollars.

To compute the cost of drywall for just the walls of a room, CLICK HERE.
To compute the cost of drywall for a wall, CLICK HERE.

Drywall Pricing

Pricing for drywall is an estimate.  The pricing per sheet used in this estimator is as follows: