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The Range to Base formula computes the range (a) to the base of an object based on two angle measurements (`theta_1` and `theta_2`)Ranging.png                Range (a) to Base of Object  and the distance between them (x).


This formula can be used to accurately compute the range to the base of an object (Y) at the same elevation made by two observations.   To do so, make one angle observation (`theta_1`) from any distance from the object.  Then, staying at approximately the same height, move closer to the object by a measured distance (x) and make a second angle observation (`theta_2`).  This formula will then compute the range (a) which is the distance from the nearer observation and the vertical base of the object.


This formula is commonly used in science of surveys.  It is also useful in some architecture applications and in other activities such as Search and Rescue, Fire Fighting and even Rock Climbing.