Quadratic Formula

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Quadratic Formula
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vCalc.Quadratic Formula

This is the equation for the solution of a second order polynomial of the form `aX^2+bX+C = 0` where  the solution produces two roots

`(-b +- sqrt(b^2 -4ac))/(2a)`


Solving the quadratic equation.
 Suppose `a x^2+b x+c=0`       and  `a!=0`

first divide by `a`   to get:

        `x^2+b/a x+c/a=0`

Then complete the square and obtain:

        `x^2+b/a x+(b/(2a))^2-(b/(2a))^2+c/a=0`

The first three terms factor:


Take square roots on both sides to get


Finally move the b/(2a) to the right and simplify to get the two solutions:

   `x_(1,2)=(-b+-sqrt(b^2-4a c))/(2a)`