Quadratic Equation

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The Quadratic Equation calculator returns the real value roots of a second degree polynomial.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Enter the following:

  • (a) This is the coefficient of second order value
  • (b) This is the coefficient of the first order value
  • (c) This is the constant

Quadratic Roots (x):  The calculator returns the real value roots.  These are the values of x where the graph of the equation crosses the x axis where y is equal to zero.

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The Math / Science

The Quadratic Equation computes the two solutions of a second order polynomial of the form:

         aX¬≤+bX+C = 0

Note, the algorithm in this equation precludes imaginary root (those including the square root of negative numbers).  For a derivation of the quadratic formula, see the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sidv3d1SEXs&feature=youtu.be