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The Price per Ton calculator computes the price to buy or sell a certain weight or mass (WM) of a product at a unit price (UP).

INSTRUCTIONS:  Choose units and enter the following:

  • (WM) The weight or mass of product to be bought or sold.  (e.g. 15 tons of gravel).
  • (UP) The unit price of product  (e.g. $78.98 per ton).

Total Cost (TC):  The calculator returns the total price in U.S. dollars (USD).  However, this can be automatically converted into numerous other currencies (see list below) via the pull-down menu next to the answer.

The Math / Science

The formula for the Total Cost base on a price per ton is;

   TC  = WM • UP


  • TC = Total Cost 
  • WM = Weight or Mass of product  (e.g. 2.2 tons)
  • UP = Unite Price of product (e.g. $49.50 per ton)

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