Neutron Mass (kg)

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`m_n = 1.674927351 * 10^-27 " kg"`
vCalc.Neutron Mass (kg)

The Mass of a Neutron is 1.67492715640868E-27 kg.  This equals:

  • 1.67492716E-27 kg
  • 1.00866491588 u
  • 1838.68365436 me
  • 1.67492716E-24 g

The Math / Science

The neutron is a subatomic hadron particle that has the symbol n or n^0. Neutrons have no net electric charge and a mass slightly larger than that of a proton. With the exception of hydrogen-1, the nucleus of every atom consists of at least one neutron as well as one or more protons.  This constant is specified with a standard uncertainty (standard deviation) of: 0.000 000 074 E-27 kg

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