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The Weight on the Mars calculator computes net force of gravity on a mass based on the acceleration due to gravity (g = 3.71 m/s²) on Mars.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose units and enter the following:

  • (m) mass

Weight on Mars(w): The calculator returns weight in newtons.  However, this can be automatically converted to other force units via the pull-down menu.

The Math / Science

Weight is the force of gravity on a mass. Newton's second law formula (F = m•a) shows the relationship between mass, acceleration and force.  The Weight on Mars formula uses Newton's second law:

w = m • gMars


Acceleration Due to Gravity (g)

The acceleration due to gravity is different based on the mass of the star, planet, moon or asteroid and the distance from its center of mass and its surface.  For that reason, gravity has a lesser pull on bodies of lesser mass or density than the Earth such as the moon.  The formula for acceleration due to gravity is:
           g = (G•M)/R²


Acceleration due to gravity: