Earth escape velocity using `mu`

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vCalc.Earth escape velocity using `mu`

This equation computes the escape speed required to break the pull of Earth's gravity for an object at the provided altitude. The answer is distance per second in the unit provided by the user. 


The input value is the altitude above the earth, h.


This equation uses the following constants:

  1. (`G`) Universal Gravity constant
  2. (`M_(o+)`) Mass of the Earth
  3. (`R_(o+)`) Mean Equatorial Radius

As a fundamental example, escape velocity from the planet Earth is around 11.2 km/sec.

This equation is based on a spherical earth model.

The energy of a parabolic trajectory is has the minimum energy required to escape Earth's gravitational attraction.  We can compute the escape velocity of any object at a distance r =`(R_(o+)` + h) by making energy equal to zero and solving for velocity.

This gives us `V_"esc"` = `(2mu/r)^(1/2)`