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Capsule Volume
Capsule Surface Area
Capsule Weight
Mean Density of Substances

The Capsule Calculator has formulas for the volume, surface area and mass (weight) of a capsulecapsule.png       Capsule or Spherocylinder  based on its dimensions in the case of volume and surface area, and also its mean density in the case of the mass / weight.

Note: a capsule is also technically known as a spherocylinder.

What is in the Capsule?

The Capsule Calculator includes a button for Mean Densities of Substances.  You can use this function to help approximate the weight of the capsule based on its content.  This button lets the user select a substance from vCalc's library of substances in a pull-down list to retrieve the substance's mean density.  Their are over 500 common substances that range from liquids (water, oil, etc) to metals to elements and even lumber and farm commodities.  The function returns the mean density of the substance in kilograms per cubic meter.  The mean density of the specific substance can then be used in the Capsule Weight equation to provide the weight of the capsule containing the substance.