Astronomical Distance Conversions

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vCalc.Astronomical Distance Conversions

The Astronomical Distance Conversion calculator converts a measurement of length from one of vCalc's standard units to another unit of your choice.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your preferred distance unit (e.g. kilometers or astronomical units) and enter the following:

  • (D)  This is the input distance

Astronomical Distance (AD):  The calculator returns the astronomical distance (AD) in light-years (ly).  However, this can be automatically converted to other units via the pull-down menu .

Astronomical distance units are often used in astronomy calculations when more conventional units such as kilometers are too small for easy comprehension, and the conversion from common length units to astronomical units is a simple linear transform.

Space Related Distance Units:

  1. kilometers
  2. miles
  3. light-seconds
  4. light-minutes
  5. astronomical units (ua)
  6. light-hours
  7. light-days
  8. light-years
  9. kilolight-years
  10. parsecs
  11. megaparsecs

Direct Space Distance Units Conversions: