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vCalc.Add Percentage

The Add Percentage calculator adds a specified percentage, y, amount to an original amount, x.


  • Insert the desired value for x, the original amount to be increased by a percentage
  • Insert the desired value for y, the additional percentage to increase x
    • Choose the units for (default is percent, but a real number or decibel amount can also be chosen to add to the original amount)
  • The result will then be returned


If you have some value you want to increase by a percentage, you are in essence performing the following:

Result = `x + (y/100 * x)` = `x * (1 + y/100)`

As an example 17,035 increased by 4.5% would be:

Result = `17035 * (1 + 4.5/100)` = `17035 *1.045` = 17801.575

Additional Resources:

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