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Wiki Tools and Advice

Wiki Page's First Paragraph

The first few sentences of your wiki page is used by the search engines (vCalc's and Google etc) to show the users a sample of your page.  To help the users, vCalc suggests that your first sentence clearly names what your calculator does.  Here is an example of Google's results for searching for "Microeconomics Calculator".


The following shows the first sentence for a single equation:


Adding an image to the wiki page

Images can really help convey a lot of information.  In the example above, the Frustum of Cone is show.   First, it helps the user understand what a frustum of a cone is (basically a slice of a cone).  Second, it helps show where the measurements are that are used as inputs to the calculator.   In this case, it's the top radius (a), the bottom radius (b), and the height (h).  

To add an image, first make sure you are logged into your vCalc account.  Then, you first have to go to the bottom of your wiki page and click on the Attachments tab.  It's next to the Comments tab.  From there, you will be able to browse, sellect and upload one or more images for your wiki page.  Once the images are uploaded, then you can add them to the wiki page using the wiki editor.  You can open one of the wiki editor by clicking on the Edit button at the top of your wiki page.   We recommend the WYSIWYG editor to add images.  This will open your wiki page.   Scroll to the place where you want your image and click on that location.  Then go to the Image button and choose the image you want to embed in your page.  

To put your image in a box and have it float to the right, save your work, and open the wiki version of the Edit function and change the text pointing to your image from:

  •  [[image:ConeFrustumVolume-illustration.png||height="157" width="149"]]  to
  •  {{box cssClass="floatinginfobox"}}[[image:ConeFrustomVolume-illustration.png||width="149"]] Right Circular Cone (frustum) {{/box}}

In this example, the attached file is a .png, but .jpg files work well too.  The image is sized to a height of 157 pixels and a width of 149 pixels.  Using the box formatting, the image is 

  1. put in a box,
  2. floated to the right for wrapping text, and 
  3. given the caption "Rigth Circular Cone (frustum)".

Entering a Table of Contents to your Wiki

To automatically create a table of contents to your wiki, use the wiki editor (not WYSIWYG) and add the following text at the location you wish to have at table of contents:

  • {{toc_index start="1" depth="3" numbered="true" scope="page"/}}