Knowledge Base Article

Using the Dataset Editor Design Tab

In the Database Editor Design Tab, you can click on the Add button to add columns to your table.  You can add as many columns as you wish.  However, each column must have a unique Name.  TableDesignTab.png                                                     Dataset Design TabWhen you add a column, a default name is given.  Double click the name and type in the name you wish.  Once you have given your column a name, you will have to designate the type of information that will be stored in that column.  The type column is a pull-down menu with the following options:

  • real – a real number in the math number set (e.g. 3.14)
  • integer – a positive or negative integer in the math number set (e.g. -27)
  • string – a text string (e.g. “brown and furry”)
  • Boolean – a 1 or 0 designated by a check box.
  • Timestamp – a date/time stamp
  • List – an enumerated list of strings separated by a coma(e.g. John,Paul,George,Ringo)
  • Date – date stamp

For Lists, you can provide Values.  These will appear in a drop-down box for data entry and limit the values in the column to only those listed.
And for each column, you can designate if the column is required for a new record.  This lets you control what information is mandatory or optional in your dataset on a column by column basis.
When you are done, you can press the save button at the bottom of the screen to exit the Dataset Editor or go to the Permissions Tab to provide access to your data for other specific vCalc users or groups.