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Using the Constant Permissions Tab

Constant Editor's Permissions Tab

The Permissions Tab provides the capability to grant read, write and administrative permissions for your constant to other registered vCalc users.  In this way, you can collaborate on the development or simply share your constant with individuals or groups in vCalc without making your Constant Public.

To add privileges for a user or a group, click on the Add button.  When you do, a row will appear in the section below with an empty box in the name columns.  The box contains a pull-down list of all of your colleagues and groups in vCalc.  Choose one and then click on the privilege you wish that entity to have:

  • Read - Lets the entity see and use the constant.
  • Write - Lets the entity update or modify the constant.
  • Admin - Lets the entity have the permission to give read and write privileges to others.