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Using a Dataset's Wiki

The dataset's wiki will have a dataset icon, your dataset’s name and its reviewed status in the upper right of the wiki. Until an authoritative body (e.g. University, Institution) has reviewed it and put their stamp on it, the default review status of a calculator is not reviewed.
Note: the wiki will also have the dataset’s ID.  This ID is essential for identifying your dataset within a vCalc equation or constant (see Using Datasets in vCalc Equations or Constants).


The calculator’s wiki page will have basic statistics for the numeric fields (columns) of your dataset on the right column of the wiki including:

  • sum – sum of all values in the column.TableStats.png         Summary Dataset Statistics
  • average – arithmetic mean of the values in the column
  • min – the minimum value in the column
  • max – the maximum value in the column

The Edit button will have a choice to edit the dataset's definition (columns) or wiki content.

Use the wiki to enter whatever descriptions or images you wish to help you or others to use or describe your dataset information.  You may leave the wiki blank, but we encourage you to add instructions if you will share your dataset with others. To add descriptive information and format images in your dataset’s wiki page, click on the Edit button and choose either the Wiki editor or the WYSIWYG editor.  If you are unfamiliar with the wiki syntax, we suggest you use the WYSIWYG editor.

To enter values either manually or via upload, click on the UseTableButton.png "Use this dataset" button. This will take you to vCalc’s Dataset Information Entry system.  You can also get to this display via the vCalc 1.0 link on the right side of any wiki page, once you are logged in.