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Make a Public Equation

To make your equation available to everyone, you need to make it a Public Equation.  To do this, you have to do two things.

First, you have to create working tests for your equation.  This ensures, that Public Equations meet a minimum standard.  You have one or more working tests for your equation, go to the Equation Editor's Test tab for your equation(see image).  In this tab you can create a test by entering input values and an expected result.  You then hit the plus button to create the test case.  When you hit the play button for that test case, vCalc will execute your equation with the input values you provided and compare it with the answer you provided.  Note: the comparison is a string comparison, so "25.0" does not equal "25", because of the ".0".  To have your equation be "PUBLIC", you have to at least have one test, and all of your tests have to evaluate as positive (not failed).  EquationTest.png

Second, you have to designate your equation as a Public equation in the Info Tab (see image). In the Options box, click on both boxes:

  • Include this item in the Public vCommons
  • Make this item visible if it is Public or Shared


Once you've made your object Public, people can search for your equation and use it. 

At vCalc, we encourage you to share what you know and do by making your equation Public.