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Introduction to Collections

A collection is a math tool with a grouping of pre-programmed equations, constants, datasets, calculators, or other collections.  vCalc lets you create your own collections with just the equations and data that you wish.  In the process, vCalc automatically creates a wiki page for your collection and gives you access to your collection on your mobile device through a special mobile user interface.  vCalc also lets you create as many custom collections as you wish.  In this way, you can have your own custom collections of calculators and equations dedicated to the different activities in your life (work, school and play).  Creating multiple collections also makes sense when you consider that each is available to you on your mobile device where you may want to keep the number of functions to a minimum for usability on the small screen.  In this way, you can make your collections simple and easy to use for yourself and your friends and colleagues. 

Creating a collection in vCalc is easy and powerful.  The collections you create are private by default and only available to you.  However they can also be available to anyone if you so choose.  Let’s get started.

But first, you need to know that vCalc is here to help!  If you have questions or need assistance, click on “Contact US” at the bottom of any page.

Collection Help Topics

The Calculator Help Topics include the following: