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Entering Data into a Dataset

The Dataset Entry display lets you enter information into your vCalc UseTableButton.png Dataset wiki button dataset manually or via bulk upload.   You can get to the Dataset Entry display via a dataset's wiki by clicking on the "Use this dataset button" or by navigating to the dataset section of vCalc 1.0

Manual entry is as simple as typing data for numeric or text data and pressing the Submit button. Note: some fields may contain lists in a pull-down menu. When the Submit button is pressed, the new record is added to the dataset and the summary statistics are automatically updated.


You can also:

  • Graph your data,
  • Import CSV (coma separated value) files for a bulk upload,
  • Export to CSV files for a bulk download,
  • Create an automatic data notification (see Dataset Notifications), or
  • Expand the display of your dataset to show the data entry date/time stamp.