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Editing Your Collections

There are a number of options for editing your collections. The most commonly used will be the wiki content itself. You can edit this using either the wiki or WYSIWYG editors and add and edit content and pictures in the page. You can get to these editors using the edit dropdown on either the collection itself or on a particular collection in your main collections page. 

pageEdit.PNG editor.PNG

After you are finished editing your wiki content you can move on to the rest of the collection. Clicking on the edit button of a collection directly or choosing 'Edit Collection' from the dropdown will take you to the Collection management page.  The top toolbar contains 4 options. The first is renaming. You can change the name of the Collection, simply enter the new name and click 'Rename'.


 You can also publish your collection.  By default a new collection is private to the creating user only. If you want other people to be able to view it you must toggle this option from 'No' to 'Yes'. The allow edit box and display equation box options work the same way. Allow edit allows you to lock the content of your collection. If this option is set to 'Yes', other people will be able to edit the content of your collection. The display Equation box option allows you to toggle the display of the box in the top right of a collection page that shows all  equations and constants in an easy to access way.


Finally you have the option to remove and rearrange the items that you have added to your collection. If you wish to remove an item simply click on the red trash icon next to that item. Wait a moment, the page will be reloaded to reflect the new contents with the selected item removed. You can also change the order in which the items are displayed by simply clicking and holding the item and dragging it into the desired order.