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Duplicating a Constant

DupButton.pngDuplicate is an easy way to create a new constant.  In this way, you can duplicate an existing constant and modify it to your liking, and vCalc makes it very easy to do. First find the constant that you wish to duplicate.  When you are on that constant’s wiki page, you will notice several options.  One option is Duplicate (see image). Duplicate.png

When you click the duplicate button, a new window will pop up and you will be required to give your new equation a name that is unique to your space (your personal list of equations, calculators, constants and datasets)DuplicateConstant.png                Duplicate Constant Dialogue Box. The duplicate function will copy the constant’s formula (algorithm) and wiki content by default. If you do not want the wiki content to be copied, just uncheck the check-box. After you have supplied a name and determined if you want to copy the wiki content, you can either go directly to the wiki by clicking "Copy  & View" or edit the formula by clicking "Copy & Edit". 

Steps to Duplicate a Constant

  1. Find a constant that you wish to duplicate
  2. Click on the "Duplicate" button at the top right of the wiki page.
  3. Type a unique name for the copy of the constant in the pop up window that appears
  4. Click  either on "Copy & View" to go directly to the wiki or "Copy & Edit" to edit the content