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Create an Equation with the Equation Editor

To create an equation, you have to be logged into vCalc. CreateButton.png  Once you’ve logged into vCalc, click on the red Create button at the top right of the screen and choose Equation.  This will take you to the Equation Editor's user interface.
The Equation Editor has five tabs:

  1. Info - This tab is where you give your equation a name and designate if it is for public use.
  2. Markup - This tab provides an equation display option to mathematically render your equation
  3. Algorithm - This tab is the user interface for programming your equation
  4. Test - This tab is testing feature that lets you test your equation within the Equation Editor.
  5. Permissions - This tab lets you share your equations with (give permissions to) vCalc individuals and groups.

Steps to Create an Equation with the Equation Editor

  1. Log into your vCalc account
  2. Click on the "Create" button at the top right of the wiki page.
  3. Choose "Equation" from the drop menu
  4. Enter the relevant data in each of the five tabs on the equation editor's window

When you first launch the Equation Editor, it will take you to the Info tab (see Next Article).
For a complete tutorial showing how to build a vCalc Equation, you can also watch a YouTube video by clicking HERE.