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Create an Equation

Regardless of your programming experience, creating an equation in vCalc is easy and powerful.  CreateButton.png   Create Pull-down MenuMoreover, even non-programmers have created equations in vCalc by copying the work of others and inserting their information.  The two primary ways to create an equation in vCalc are:

Create an Equation in the Equation Editor – This is a blank-page approach where the equation creator starts from scratch.  Follow the links for instructional pages or click HERE to see a YouTube tutorial video.

Duplicate an Equation – This is a simple method to create an equation by duplicating another. This can be useful when an existing equation is perfect for use, but you want to create your own version with your own instructions.    It is also a valuable way to start the creation of an equation by starting with one that is has features, computations or algorithms that are close to what you wish. You simply create the duplicate equation and edit any of the equations code or description to meet your specific needs.Duplicate.png

We will start with the latter method (Duplication)