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Advertising with vCalc

vCalc is a consumer website containing thousands of free on-line calculators.  To continue to provide excellent calculating services to users around the world, vCalc earns revenue through advertising.  A growing list of our calculators attract thousands of users every month with long periods of engagement.  These calculators are useful to people at work, school, home and even at play, and you can feature your company and products through the exclusive placement of ads in vCalc.

To learn more on how to directly advertise in vCalc, please contact the vCalc advertising department via e-mail at ....



If you sponsor a page at vCalc, you will have exclusive rights to place ads in the two standard advertisement boxes, and vCalc's staff will work with you to customize the page to show your products (where appropriate) in the calculator examples.  Furthermore, vCalc's staff will include hyper-links to your company's product sites wherever appropriate within the calculator page. The standard ads are 160x600 pixels and 300x250 pixels.

As a sponsor, you will also receive detailed monthly reports on the user traffic on the pages you've sponsored.  This is the full suite of Google Analytic reports that will help you measure the effect of your advertising and see information on the people viewing your advertisements.

In short sponsorship buys:

  1. Two exclusive ad spaces (160x600 and 300x250).
  2. Use of your product images within the calculator instructions and information sections.
  3. Links to your product pages where appropriate.  This promotes search engine optimization to your site.
  4. Monthly statistics on page hits, session duration, user demographics (locations etc), impressions and click-throughs.

Sponsorship Pricing

The level of vCalc web pages are as follows:

  • Basic:  These web pages get under 100 engagements per month.
  • Active: These pages get between 100 and 1000 engagements per month.
  • Premium: These pages get over 1,000 engagements per month.

Note: vCalc's average session duration is high and represents a greater opportunity per session to promote your product than most other sites.

The pricing to sponsor a page is as follows;

  • Basic: $5 per month.
  • Active: $20 per month.
  • Premium: $100 per month.

Furthermore, there is a Premium Calculator Bundle for $500 per month that bundles a calculator or collection of web pages on a topic with up to 20 pages and sub-pages. 

vCalc's minimum engagement for page sponsorship is three (3) months.  Sponsors have first right of refusal to renew sponsorship at the current published pricing.