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Demo Sample

#Name Token
 1 Math/Geometry Volume of a Cone Section
 2 Engineering Force of Drag on Aircraft
 3 Technical TradesElectrician: Voltage Drop
 4 EnvironmentSnow Water Equivalence
 5 Jewelers Jeweler's Calc
 6 Medical Body Surface Area
 7 Consumer Price Comparison
 8 Agriculture Corn Yield Estimator
 9 STEM EducationLight and Matter Chapter

The vCalc Sample Collection provides a good sample of the diverse technical subject supported with vCalc content. 

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At vCalc, we've made it easy for you to group tokens into collections for your personal use of for sharing with the public.  You can create a new Collection or add to an existing Collection whenever you're on a vCalc page that you like.  Just click on the red "More Actions" button at the top right of the wiki page and select "Add to Collection".

This collection has equations and calculators from a very broad range of topics. These range from:

  • Physics:  Force of Drag (equation), Physics 105 (calculator), and the Pendulum Calculator
  • Economics: Black-Scholes (equation), Personal Finance (calculator)
  • Medicine: Body Surface Area (calculator)
  • Construction: House Builder (calculator), Sandbag Wall (calculator), Electricians (calc), Plumbers  (calc)
  • DIY: Flooring(calc), Painter (calc), Mulching (calc)
  • Automotive: Camber Offset (equation), Belts, Pulleys and Gears (calculator), Combustion Engine(calculator)
  • Mathematics: 3D Vector(calculator), Volume of a Cone Slice a.k.a. Frustum (equation)
  • Environmental: Snow Weight on an area (equation), Rain Fall Harvesting(calculator)
  • Specialty Industries: Jeweler's Calc, Piano Tuner Calc
  • Agriculture: Corn Grain Yield Estimation (collection)


  • Force of Drag by vCalc
  • Weapon Elemental DPS by vCalc
  • camber offset by KurtHeckman
  • Black-Scholes by KurtHeckman
  • Wire Gauge Choice for Safe Voltage Drop by KurtHeckman
  • Cone - Frustum Volume by vCalc
  • Snow Weight - Area by KurtHeckman
  • Corn Yield (thousandth acre sample) by KurtHeckman
  • Common Mean Densities by vCalc
  • Distance - constant acceleration by vCalc
  • Rolling Offsets (run) by KurtHeckman
  • Volume over Time by vCalc
  • lever (beam length) by KurtHeckman
  • Octagon Volume by KurtHeckman