(muD) sand (loose)

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`muD("Sand - loose" ) = "1442.0 kg/m"³`
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pro.(muD) sand (loose)

The Mean Density of loose sand is 1442.0 kg/m³

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Mean Density

The mean density, or more precisely, the mean volumetric mass density, of a substance is the average mass per unit volume of a substance in its most common or naturally occurring state.  The vCalc symbol for mean density is μD or mD, but density may also be symbolized as the greek letter ρ.  The standard units for mean density are kilograms per cubic meter.  However, vCalc provides automatic conversions to other units via the pull-down menu including:

  • (lb/ft3): pound per cubic foot
  • (g/cm3): grams per cubic centimeter
  • (t/m3): metric tons per cubic meter
  • (ton/yd3): tons (U.S.) per cubic yard
  • (oz/in3): ounces per cubic inch

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