Japanese (Shakkanhō) Weight and Mass

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jmorris.Japanese (Shakkanhō) Weight and Mass

The Japanese (Shakkanhō) Weights and Mass equation converts weight and mass in Japanese units to modern (Western) weights such as kilograms and pounds based on conversion conventions in place since 1891.


The base unit of weight in the Shakkanhō system is the Kan. The Kan and its denominations are equivalent to the following metric measurements:

  • (毛 or 毫) = 3.75mg
  • Rin (厘) = 37.5mg
  • Bu (分) = 375mg
  • Monme or Momme (匁) = 3.75g
  • Ryō (両) = 37.5g
  • Hyakume (百目) = 375g
  • Kin (斤) = 600g
  • Kan or Kanme (貫 and 貫目) = 3.75kg
  • Maru (丸) = 30kg
  • Tan (担 or 擔) = 60kg

Further Notes

Since systems of romanizing Japanese have changed historically some of these measurements also have alternative names. The Bu is sometimes called the candareen, the Kin is sometimes known as a catty, the Kan is sometimes romanized Kwan, and the Tan is commonly known as the Picul.

Other Japanese units of measurement, such as those used for length, may share the same names as the units used for weight and mass.