Japanese (Shakkanhō) Unit Conversion Calculator

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Japanese (Shakkanhō) Area
Japanese (Shakkanhō) Lengths
Japanese (Shakkanhō) Volume
Japanese (Shakkanhō) Weight and Mass
Japanese Rice Weights

The Japanese (Shakkanhō) Unit Conversion Calculator contains a series of equations designed to convert Japanese measurements from the Shakkanhō system to modern (Western), metric and imperial units.


The Shakkanhō (尺貫法) is a traditional system of units and measurements used in Japan historically and in some instances during the present day. It is based on Chinese units of measurements (C. shìzhì 市制). The values of units in comparison to the metric system were set in 1891, but historically varied based on locality and time period.

This calculator allows users to convert Japanese measurements (based on their 1891 conversions) to their Western, imperial and metric counterparts. The calculator contains four equations listed alphabetically in order to calculate standard measurements such as area and length. Following this is an additional equation used to calculate the weight of rice.

The Japanese units used in this calculator may be divided as follows:

  • Japanese Area - Shaku (勺), (合), (畳), Tsubo (坪), Bu (歩), Se (畝), Tan (段 or 反), and Chō or Chōbu (町 and 町歩).
  • Japanese Lengths - (毛 or 毫), Rin (厘), Bu (分), Sun (寸), Shaku (尺), Ken (間), Hiro (尋), (丈), Chō (町), and Ri (里).
  • Japanese Volume (Dry and Liquid) - Sai (才), Shaku (勺), (合), Shō (升), To (斗), and Koku (石).
  • Japanese Weight and Mass - (毛 or 毫), Rin (厘), Bu (分), Monme or Momme (匁), Ryō (両), Hyakume (百目), Kin (斤), Kan or Kanme (貫 and 貫目), Maru (丸), and Tan (担 or 擔).
  • Japanese Rice Weights - Shaku (勺), (合), Shō (升), To (斗), Hyō (俵), and Koku (石).


Firstly, select a category on the calculator, e.g. Japanese (Shakkanhō) Lengths. Secondly, select the unit that you wish to convert from the drop-down menu, e.g. . Following your selection, enter the value of the unit in numerical form, e.g. 100 .  The calculator will then convert this value to a Western unit (in the case of millimetres). Finally, you have the option to use a second drop-down menu (adjacent to the calculator's answer) in order to automatically convert the answer to other Western units of measurement, e.g. inches.

Further Notes

The individual pages for the constants and equations used in this calculator provide further details regarding Shakkanhō units, for example, alternative naming conventions. Inspiration from the algorithms of other vCalc calculators, constants, and equations were drawn upon when creating this calculator, its equations and constants. Of particular interest was the Bible Calculator which can be viewed here.