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vCalc - Create Collaborate Calculate

Use Our Calculators or Build Your Own

vCalc has hundreds (1430) of calculators for you to use and more are created daily. And if you don't find one that fits your needs, you can easily create your own. Design your own calculator buttons from our extensive library of equations or constants, or include your own custom calculations. You'll have all the features you want on YOUR calculator.

Create Custom Equations

vCalc has thousands of equations and constants ranging from complex scientific equations to practical everyday equations. Compute E=MC2 as easily as the number of bags of soil you'll need for your garden. These equations have been shared by vCalc’s engineers, university professors and students from around the world, and people like you. Plus, with vCalc you can create your own equations for your own personal use or share them with your friends or colleagues or the whole world.

Use vCalc on a Mobile Device

vCalc is available on your mobile device, giving you access to all of vCalc's calculators and equations, including your personal library, while you’re on the go. Work back and forth with between your desktop and your mobile device without losing a beat.

Easy Unit Conversion

vCalc handles units such as length, area, volume, temperature, force, and many more. Every equation that uses units allows easy conversion of inputs and outputs to and from a large and growing set of units. Whether meters and feet or joules and ergs, vCalc has you covered with accurate and instant unit calculation and conversion.

Easy Collaboration and Social Media Sharing

vCalc has its own social network with an increasingly powerful set of tools to collaborate and share information and data in a controlled environment. vCalc is also connected to all the major social media sites. If you have something to share in vCalc, Tweeting it or posting it on Facebook is as easy as clicking a button.

Create and Share Datasets

With vCalc you can easily create and share tables of data. Upload and download to and from spreadsheets, generate graphs, and control precisely who can see, update, and use your data. vCalc also has a very powerful notification feature that lets you apply simple or complex rules to alert you when data is entered that matches your criteria. Best of all, you can use all of the data in your tables in your equations, boosting the power and use of your own equations and calculators.