Brick by brick

Skip extra trips buying materials by using vCalc's estimation formulas like this calculator for computing the how much concrete you'll need for a patio or the number of brick or block needed for a wall.

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Sticks and stones to build your homes.

Well, actually its bricks and boards and drywall and ..., but you get the idea. Make your house construction or remodeling easier using vCalc to estimate material amounts and cost.

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Carpet, linoleum, tile or hardwood?

Thinking about replacing that old rug? vCalc's Flooring calculator provide quick estimations on quantities and costs for different types of flooring base the dimensions you provide and on recent pricing data from national retailers.

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Would you like to return less paint from your next project?

Use vCalc's estimation of paint required for a room project and make fewer trips to the hardware or paint store. And use the paint cost estimator to get an up-front estimate of the cost of the paint.

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