Dollar Conversion from Different Times

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cataustria.Dollar Conversion from Different Times

The Dollar Conversion from Different Times calculator compute the dollar or other currency value at for a target year (plTo) that is the equivalent for a certain amount (dC) of currency in a base year (plFrom) given that a base rate for both times is known.  For example, say that $1 U.S. dollar ($1 plFrom) in 1960 is the equivalent to $8.05 in U.S. dollars ($8.05 plTo) in 2016.  Using this calculator, you could compute that $50 dollars ($50 dC) in 1960 would turn into $402.25 in 2016.   

The values are in U.S. dollars (USD).  However, other currency units are available (e.g. South African Rand) via the pull-down menus.  The currency exchange rates are updated approximately every two minutes.

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