Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator

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Blood Alcohol Content Calculator

Blood Alcohol Content Calculator is a calculator that computes the level of alcohol intoxication in your blood (BAC Level in g per 100ml) for  legal or medical purposes. 

0.806 is a constant for body  water in the blood.SD is the number of standard drinks containing 17 grams of ethanol, 1.2 is a factor to convert the amount in grams .BW is a body water constant : 0.49 for Men and 0.58 for Women. Wt is body weight in Kilograms.  MR is the metabolism constant:0.017  for Women and 0.015 for Men . DP is the drinking period, that is the time that has elapsed after drinking in hours.

NOTE:  Standard Drink Size varies depending on the drinks you've had. 

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