Angular Frequency

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TylerJones.Angular Frequency

This equation mathematically relates angular frequency (rad/s) to frequency (Hz).  To understand angular frequency, we should start with frequency.

Frequency is a measure of how often something happens.  If something happens repeatedly, then the time between each occurrence is called the period.  Frequency (f) is the inverse of the period (T):

  • `f = 1/T`

To mathematically describe things that repeat themselves (like waves, springs, pendulums, and a whole lot else), we often use sine and cosine.  Sine and cosine repeat themselves every `2 pi`.  Therefore, we want a sine or cosine argument that increments by `2 pi` every time the wave (for example) should repeat itself.  To make that argument, we multiply the frequency by `2 pi`.  This sine/cosine argument is called the angular frequency (`omega`).

  • `omega = 2 pi f`


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