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Health and Fitness

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  Fitness here referring to physical fitness, is a general state of good physical health, usually as a result of exercise and nutrition.

vCalc's Health and Fitness library contains equation that assist in evaluating health and/or fitness.

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Health and Fitness Calculators

Health and Fitness Equations

  • Epley Formula (1 rep max) by vCalc
  • Basal Heart Rate by MichaelBartmess
  • Base Metabolic Rate by KurtHeckman
  • BMI Calculator by Zoozoodude
  • BMR (Men) by KurtHeckman
  • BMR (Women) by KurtHeckman
  • BMR Calculator (FEMALES) by AydenSaruni
  • BMR Calculator (MALES) by AydenSaruni
  • Body Fat Percentage by EmilyB
  • Body Mass Index by KurtHeckman
  • Body Mass Index - Interpreted by KurtHeckman
  • CREFF Formula by MichaelBartmess
  • Heart Rate Recovery by MichaelBartmess
  • Heart Rate Reserve by MichaelBartmess
  • kIGATHIS BMI CALC by boozer
  • Lean Body Mass (Men) by KurtHeckman
  • Lean Body Mass (Women) by KurtHeckman
  • Lombardi One (1) Rep Maximum Calculation by AustinS
  • Maximum Exercise Heart Rate by MichaelBartmess
  • Maximum Exercise Heart Rate (Empirical) by MichaelBartmess
  • RDEE (LBM) by KurtHeckman
  • Steps-to-mile estimated by MichaelBartmess
  • Target Exercise Heart Rate (Karvonen) by Carol
  • Target Heart Rate by MichaelBartmess
  • Waist to Height Ratio by MichaelBartmess

Health and Fitness Datasets