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Fences are used to mark boarders between countries, keep livestock 300px-Westtown.jpg Common Country Fencein an area and as decorative surroundings for yards and gardens.   Fences can vary in styles and materials and serve many purposes.  This library of formulas and calculators is used to help compute answers to common fencing questions:

  • How long of a fence do I need?
  • How much fencing material do I need?
  • How big will the fenced-in area be?
  • How much will the materials cost?
  • Will fencing in a different shape provide more area?

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Fencing Equations

  • Circle - circumference by vCalc
  • On Center - Count by vCalc
  • On Center - Total Length by vCalc
  • On Center Spacing by vCalc
  • Polygon - perimeter2 by vCalc
  • Radius of a Circle around a Polygon by vCalc
  • Size of a Circular Garden by vCalc
  • Size of Rectangle Garden by vCalc
  • Fencing Needed for Area by KurtHeckman
  • Fencing Needed for Circular Area by KurtHeckman
  • Labor Cost to Dig and Set Posts by KurtHeckman
  • Number of Posts by KurtHeckman
  • Number of Rails by KurtHeckman
  • Post and Rail Cost Estimate by KurtHeckman
  • Rectangle Fence Diagonal by KurtHeckman
  • Rectangle Fence Perimeter by KurtHeckman
  • Round Pen Radius by KurtHeckman
  • Size of a Triangle Garden by KurtHeckman
  • Size of an Oval Garden by KurtHeckman
  • Size of Garden (Area) by pro
  • Time to Dig and Set Posts by KurtHeckman
  • Wire fencing by KurtHeckman