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Engineering Probability & Statistics

Engineering Probability and Statistics involves quantitative analysis of uncertainty and risk for engineering applications. It covers fundamentals of probability, random processes, statistics, and decision analysis coupled with random variables and vectors, uncertainty propagation, conditional distributions, and second-moment analysis. Other areas covered here include Bayesian analysis and risk-based decision, estimation of distribution parameters, hypothesis testing, simple and multiple linear regressions, and Poisson and Markov processes.

vCalc's Engineering probability and Statistics library contains both general and practical content  for application in real-world engineering problems.

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Engineering Probability & Statistics Collections

Engineering Probability & Statistics Equations

  • Count by vCalc
  • Frequency Distribution by vCalc
  • Maximum by vCalc
  • Mean by vCalc
  • Median by vCalc
  • Mid Point by vCalc
  • Minimum by vCalc
  • Observational Statistics by vCalc
  • Percent Relative Standard Deviation by vCalc
  • Range by vCalc
  • Simple Stats by vCalc
  • Square of Sum by vCalc
  • Standard Deviation by vCalc
  • Standard Error of the Mean (SEM) by vCalc
  • Statistical Mode by vCalc
  • Sum by vCalc
  • Variance by vCalc
  • Arithmetic Mean by MichaelBartmess
  • Count of Combinations (nCr) by MichaelBartmess
  • Frequency Distribution by MichaelBartmess
  • Frequency Distribution (10 bin) by MichaelBartmess
  • Grades Card Frequency Distribution by MichaelBartmess
  • Law of Total Probability P(A+B) by MichaelBartmess
  • Permutations nPr by MichaelBartmess
  • Relative Standard Deviation by MichaelBartmess
  • Roll Five Virtual Cube Dice by MichaelBartmess
  • Roll Four Virtual Cube Dice by MichaelBartmess
  • Standard Deviation (Sample) by MichaelBartmess
  • Standard Deviation (SD) by MichaelBartmess
  • Variance (Sample) by MichaelBartmess
  • z-score by MichaelBartmess
  • z-score from known mean & SD by MichaelBartmess