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Data Size

vCalc's Data Size folder consists of equations that help in conversions between different representation of data capacities.

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Data Size Equations

  • Bit-to-Byte by vCalc
  • Byte-to-Bit by vCalc
  • Byte-to-Gigabyte by vCalc
  • Byte-to-Kilobyte by vCalc
  • Byte-to-Megabyte by vCalc
  • Byte-to-Petabyte by vCalc
  • Byte-to-Terabyte by vCalc
  • Gigabyte-to-Byte by vCalc
  • Kilobyte-to-Byte by vCalc
  • Megabyte-to-Byte by vCalc
  • Petabyte-to-Byte by vCalc
  • Terabyte-to-Byte by vCalc
  • Data Processing Time by KurtHeckman
  • Data Transfer Time by AdamS
  • vData Rate by eng
  • vDataVolume by eng