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Name=$1 USD  Abbr.
Australian Dollar$1.432 AUD
Brazilian RealR$3.836 BRL
Canadian Dollar$1.315 CAD
Swiss FrancFr0.977 CHF
Chinese Yuan¥6.879 CNY
Euro€0.88 EUR
Great Britain Pound£0.788 GBP
Indian Rupee₹69.239 INR
Japanese Yen¥107.66 JPY
Mexican Peso$19.173 MXN
Russian Ruble₽63.068 RUB
U.S. Dollar$1.00
South African RandR14.284 ZAR

cx.pngCurrencies refer to the different monies used around the world.  The most common currencies in the modern era are in the table to the right.  CLICK HERE for currency conversions.

Currency in the modern era consists of bank notes and coins.  This has been true until the recent advent of digital currency, where in places like Niarobi, Kenya monetary transactions are made between individuals using currencies such as M-PESA via their mobile phones via services such as Safaricomm.

In the mid 1900s, numerous currencies in Europe were merged into the Euro including the German Mark (1990) and the French Franc (1998).  In ancient times, currencies were commodities such as gold. silver and even salt.

The most traded currencies today are the United States Dollar (USD) which is widely held as the global reserve currency and the Euro.

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