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Cooking Calculators

Cooking Equations

  • Gallon-to-Cups by vCalc
  • Gallon-to-Pint by vCalc
  • Ounce-to-Dash by vCalc
  • Ounce-to-Mililiter by vCalc
  • Ounce-to-Pinch by vCalc
  • Ounce-to-Tablespoons by vCalc
  • Ounce-to-Teaspoons by vCalc
  • Tablespoon-to-Dash by vCalc
  • Tablespoon-to-Pinch by vCalc
  • Tablespoon-to-Smidgen by vCalc
  • Tablespoon-to-Teaspoons by vCalc
  • Teaspoon-to-Dash by vCalc
  • Teaspoon-to-mililiter by vCalc
  • Teaspoon-to-Pinch by vCalc
  • Teaspoon-to-Smidgen by vCalc
  • Bird Fryer Volume by KurtHeckman
  • Circular Fryer Volume by KurtHeckman
  • Hamburger Calculator by AndrewBudd
  • Hot Dog and Sausage Calculator by AndrewBudd
  • Oil needed for Turkey Fryer by KurtHeckman
  • Pork Rib Calculator by AndrewBudd
  • Pulled Pork Calculator by AndrewBudd
  • Pulled pork Calculator: Precooked by AndrewBudd
  • Rectangular Fryer Volume by KurtHeckman
  • Turkey Deep Fry Time by KurtHeckman
  • Volume of a Turkey by KurtHeckman
  • White Rice-to-Water Cooking Ratio by cataustria
  • Wild Rice-to-Water Cooking Ratio by cataustria

Cooking Constants

Cooking Datasets