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vCalc Conversions library contains equations, constants and calculators that help with all categories of conversions for measuring Area, Electric Current , Energy, Length, Mass, Pressure,Temperature, Time, Volume , etc.

Conversions are vital because they help to improve people's understanding by changing unit measurements of equivalent sizes, weights, and amounts.  The preferred unit of measurement for equivalent sizes and amounts tend to differ from one geographical region to another. For example, In the United Kingdom, the British use degrees Celsius to measure temperature while in the US, Americans primarily use degrees Fahrenheit.

Not all conversions are a multiplication by a factor. For example, the relationship between the different temperature scales is linear but the scales have different zero points: pure water is defined to freeze at 32 °F = 0 °C and boil at 212 °F = 100 °C at 1 atmosphere (atm unit); the conversion formula is easily shown to be:

                                       `F = 9/5 C + 32` or inversely as `C = 5/9 ( F -32)`

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Conversions Equations

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