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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is the sub-discipline of engineering that combines  physical sciences and/or life sciences  with mathematics to create new materials and forms from raw material and/or chemicals.

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Chemical Engineering Equations

  • Activation Energy by vCalc
  • Arrhenius Equation by vCalc
  • Cottrell by vCalc
  • vMolar Mass by vCalc
  • vRadiation Dose by vCalc
  • vRadioactivity by vCalc
  • `K_a` (fugacity) by DavidC
  • `K_a` (pressure, Ideal gas) by DavidC
  • Arrhenius Equation (for two temperatures) by ekskekel
  • Equimolar Counter-Diffusion (Gases) by DavidC
  • Fugacity of component i in Liquid phase by DavidC
  • Fugacity of component i in Vapor phase by DavidC
  • K_a (Chemical Equilibrium Constant ) by DavidC
  • La Ecuacion de Arrhenius by StMaryStudent
  • La Ecuacion de Arrhenius (para dos temperaturas) by StMaryStudent
  • Molecular Diffusion (Gas) by DavidC
  • Molecular Diffusion (Liquid) by DavidC
  • Products' Standard Enthalpy of Formation by MichaelBartmess
  • Pure component Fugacity by DavidC
  • Reactants' Standard Enthalpy of Formation by MichaelBartmess
  • Standard Enthalpy of Reaction by Juliet
  • Standard Enthalpy of Reaction [`v_i, Hf_i`] by MichaelBartmess
  • Standard Gibbs Energy change of reaction `Delta G^0` by Juliet
  • Unidirectional Diffusion (Gas) by DavidC