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Business is a human activity that entails regular production and distribution of goods and services with the aim of earning profits under uncertain market conditions.

vCalc's Business library is a rich collection of both simple and complex formulas used in the various business processes such as risk assessment, profit calculation, marketing and distribution, finance and investment , savings and loans, etc.

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Business Calculators

Business Equations

  • Cost of Equity (CAPM) by MichaelBartmess
  • FCFF by POB
  • Implied Repo Rate by EmilyB
  • Lisa first by LisaP
  • Optimal Value of Variable Cost per Unit by KurtHeckman
  • Salary Comparison by MichaelBartmess
  • Salary to Hourly Pay by DavidC
  • Total Interest by MichaelBartmess
  • Variable Cost Per Unit Time by EdwardOmbui
  • Wage calculator (monthly) by DavidC