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Ammunition Management

An Ammunition is generally anything that can be used in combat including bombs, missiles, warheads, landmines, naval mines, and anti-personnel mines. The collective term for all types of ammunition is munitions.

The purpose of ammunition is to project force against a selected target. However, the nature of ammunition use also includes delivery or combat supporting munitions such as pyrotechnic or incendiary compounds. Since the design of the cartridge, the meaning has been transferred to the assembly of a projectile and its propellant in a single package.

Ammunition involves the application of fire to targets, general use of weapons by personnel, explosives and propellants, cartridge systems, high explosive projectiles (HE), warheads, shaped charge forms of attack on armour and aircraft, carrier projectiles, fuzes, mortar ammunition, small arms ammunition, grenades, mines, pyrotechnics, improved conventional munitions, and terminally guided munition.

vCalc's Ammunition folder contains all sorts of equations that relate to the use of munitions.

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Ammunition Management Calculators

Ammunition Management Equations

  • Ballistic Angle of Velocity by vCalc
  • Ballistic Base Elevation by vCalc
  • Ballistic Coefficient by vCalc
  • Ballistic Initial Horizontal Velocity Component by vCalc
  • Ballistic Initial Vertical Velocity Component by vCalc
  • Ballistic Max Height by vCalc
  • Ballistic Projectile Displacement - x(`v_0`,t,`theta`) by vCalc
  • Ballistic Projectile Displacement - y(t,`theta`, `v_0`) by vCalc
  • Ballistic Projectile Displacement - y(x, `theta`, `v_0`) by vCalc
  • Ballistic Range by vCalc
  • Ballistic Range - Delta Height by vCalc
  • Ballistic Travel Time by vCalc
  • Ballistic Velocity to Achieve Height by vCalc
  • Ballistic X Velocity by vCalc
  • Horizontal Velocity Component (ballistic) by vCalc
  • Vertical Velocity by vCalc
  • Air Density Behind the Shock Front by cataustria
  • Blast Scaling Constant of Proportionality(Z) by cataustria
  • Depth of Peneration by cataustria
  • Detonation Pressure by cataustria
  • Ground Shock Estimation by cataustria
  • Hopkins-Cranz Scaling Law (Weight) by vCollections
  • Hopkinson-Cranz Scaling Law (Cube-Root Scaling Law) by cataustria
  • Initial Fragment Velocity for Cylindrical Charge by cataustria
  • Multi-Item Fragmenting Munition Vertical Danger Distance by cataustria
  • Particle Velocity by cataustria
  • Peak Dynamic Pressure by cataustria
  • Peak Reflected Pressure by cataustria
  • Probability of Fatality by cataustria
  • Reflection Coefficient by cataustria
  • Risk of Fatality by cataustria
  • Scaled Distance at Altitude 'z' by cataustria
  • Scaled Impulse by cataustria
  • Scaled Impulse at Altitude 'z' v1 by cataustria
  • Scaled Impulse at Altitude 'z' v2 by cataustria
  • Scaled Pressure at Altitude 'z' by cataustria
  • Shock Front Velocity by cataustria
  • Simple Noise Prediction by cataustria
  • Simple Range Safety Distance by cataustria
  • Single Ammunition Vertical Danger Distance by cataustria
  • TNT Equivalence by cataustria