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Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is a sub-discipline of engineering in which engineers research, design, and develop aircraft and spacecraft technologies.

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Aerospace Engineering Equations

  • Drag Force by vCalc
  • Dynamic Pressure by vCalc
  • Force of Drag by vCalc
  • Velocity Through Air by vCalc
  • vForce by vCalc
  • vVelocity by vCalc
  • Aircraft Speed - Lift - Weight by KurtHeckman
  • Angle of Satellite Visibility by eng
  • Elijah velocity by Eli
  • Force of Lift by MichaelBartmess
  • Hydrostatic Equation (dry air approximation) by MichaelBartmess
  • Lift Coefficient by KurtHeckman
  • Stoke's Law (drag force) by KurtHeckman
  • Wind Corrected Azimuth by MichaelBartmess