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The Robot Velocity calculator compute the speed of a robot based on the speed of a motor, the diameter of the wheels and a reduction ratio (Output/Input).  

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose units and enter the following:

  • (r) The rotation speed of the motor
  • (d) The diameter of the robot's drive wheel
  • (i) The input reduction gear factor
  • (o) The output reduction gear factor

Robot Velocity (v): The calculator computes the velocity (V) of the robot in inches per minute.  However, this can be automatically converted to many other velocity units via the pull-down menu. 

The Math

The formula for the robot velocity is as follows:FRC Small Logo.png
           v = r•d•π• o/i


  • v = robot velocity
  • d = diameter or the robot's drive wheel
  • i = input reduction gear factor
  • o = output reduction gear factor


The Robot Velocity built to help compute the speed of a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) robot... or any other robot built for competition or fun. Revolutions per minute refers to the speed of your the robot's drive motor.

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 1629 hopes that your team will benefit from using this formula. We are proud to partner with to provide this service. For more information about FIRST Robotics please visit To find out more about FRC Team 1629 please visit

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