State Questionnaire

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MichaelBartmess.State Questionnaire

This equation computes the state value for a set of 30 state attributes.

An aggregate state score is computed that ranges from 0 through 100.


This equation is intended to be duplicated and then converted to have the 30 input labels representing the the specific domain of the questionnaire.  This could also be used as an Equation in Equation, where you drag this into another equation and that equations inputs define the state questions.

Each input is a state evaluation, evaluating one of 30 state attributes.  Each attribute is rated on a scale of 1 through 5, where 1 is the least desirable:

  • the least effective
  • the costliest
  • least extreme
  • the slowest
  • the worst
  • the hardest
  • the least appreciated
  • damaging effect
  • in other words the attribute state value with the most negative connotation

The attribute scale is segmented into 5 points incremental points where  5 in the scale is for a state attribute that is the most desirable: 

  • the most effective
  • the least expensive
  • the most extreme
  • the fastest
  • the best
  • the easiest
  • the most appreciated
  • no effect
  • in other words the attribute value with the most positive connotation