Shotgun Reloading Costs

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`"Cost per Load" = `
MichaelBartmess.Shotgun Reloading Costs

This equation computes a cost per shell (load) for reloading your own gunshot ammunition.

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The cost is the sum of the component costs, which include:

  • Cost of Powder (based on bulk cost of Powder purchased, bulk weight of Powder purchased, size of reload charge)
  • Cost of Primers (based on bulk cost of Primers purchased and bulk quantity purchased)
  • Cost of Wads (based on bulk cost of Wads purchased and bulk quantity purchased)
  • Cost of Shot ((based on bulk cost of Shot purchased, bulk weight of Shot purchased, weight of shot reload)
  • Cost of Hulls (based on bulk cost of Hulls purchased, bulk quantity purchased, and average times reused



The cost of reloading shotgun shells is a combination of several component costs:

  • Cost of Powder (purchased in bulk mass)
  • Cost of shot (purchased in bulk mass)
  • Cost of Wads (purchased in quantity)
  • Cost of Hulls (purchased in quantity and reused)