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Sedum Seed Per Acre

This calculator provides several functions useful in estimating seed and fertilizer coverage for planting and cultivating a field. These equations are useful to people employing green technologies for applications such as green roofs.


  • Area Coverage - Equations on this tab provide simple estimates of area coverage for fertilizer and seed (or any other chemical, organic, or seed product you might want to "spread" over a field)
  • Sedum - this tab contains a coverage estimation equation for Sedum seed which uses a built in estimate for the seed coverage factor.


The information provided by these equations generate estimated values.  Estimation of seed area density, for example, is a computation that relies on an estimate of the volumetric density and requisite coverage density of seed.

We show with a coverage factor for the Sedum species a key example of a coverage density estimate. For green roof applications the professionals use mostly drought tolerant alpine succulents.  We include in the Sedum Seed per Acre equation an estimated area coverage factor of 0.5 grams/ sq meter.1  Averaged over large fields we assume this estimated coverage factor

Garage of green Furrows(7147188307_872ea55189_m).jpg  
Garage of Green Furrows,
Flickr / Ian Sane
CC BY 2.0


  1. ^ Dr. Clayton Rug, Technical Director at Xero Flor America LLC