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This Seed Per Acre equation is a basic coverage conversion equation used for estimating seed requirements for planting a large area or field.  The resulting cultivated planting might be used for applications such as a  green roof.


This equation uses seed density typically derived from seed container specification.For example a 1 lb container might be shown as covering an area of 200 sq ft.

  • `"Wt"_"(seed)"` - the seed's product-specified standard weight used to specify coverage. In the example above, `"Wt"_"(seed)"` = 1 lb.
  • `"Area"_"(seed)` - the seed's product-specified standard area used to specify coverage. In the example above, `"Area"_"(seed)"` = 200 sq ft.

The standard Seed Density factor for a Sedum species is approximately `(0.5 g)/m^2`  1


Enter the area you want to cover (typically in acres) and the equation returns the amount of seed (typically in grams).

For example, if the are to cover is 12.5 acres, this equation estimates that you will need 25,292.85264 grams or approximately 25.3 kg of seed. You can choose alternative units for the outputs and see in this example that the approximately 25.3 kg is also approximately 55-3/4 pounds or 892.2 ounces.

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  1. ^ Dr. Clayton Rugh, Manager & Technical Director at Xero Flor America LLC