SI Prefixes

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`"Prefix Multiplier" = `
MichaelBartmess.SI Prefixes

This equation can be useful as an Equation-in-equation (EiE) or Equation-in-Constant (EiC) in vCalc, where you can prefix any answer or constant with a power of ten multiplier corresponding to one of the SI metric prefixes.  You can let the user select the multiplier by making the input variable an enumerated list corresponding to the enumerated list for these prefixes:


  • Prefix choice - { yocto(y),zepto(z),atto(a),femto(f),pico(p),nano(n),micro(mu),milli(m),centi(c),deci(d),deca(da),hecto(h),kilo(k),mega(M),giga(G),tera(T),peta(P),exa(E),zetta(Z),yotta(Y) }


  • Real number power of ten multiplier




To use this equation as an EiE, when creating or editing an equation or constant open the Equation Editor Or Constant Editor by selecting the "Create Equation" button or the "Create Constant" button.

Drag this equation from the taxonomy over the left margin of the editor where the line numbers are shown.

Simply drop the equation when the check mark icon is green

Of course, you have to enter variables to replace the placeholder <prefix> parameter in the EiE or CiE of this equation.