Physiology 101 Calculator

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Alveolar Gas Basal HR Laplace's (P)
`"HR"_"Recovery"` `"HR"_"Reserve"` Laplace's (WS)
`"Cardiac"_"Eff"` `"Cardiac"_"Out"` NCV
`"HR"_"Max"` `"HR"_"Max Emp"` `"HR"_"Target"`
RQ [moles]
RQ [STP Volume]
Cardiac Efficiency
`BSA_"Boyd"` `BSA_"Haycock"`
`BSA_"Costeff"` `BSA_"Mosteller"`
`BSA_(DuBoise)` `BSA_"Mosteller Eng"`
`BSA_"Fujimoto"` `BSA_"Schlich"`
`BSA_"Gehan & George"` `BSA_"Takahira"`
Steps-to-mile `"Exercise HR"_"Target"`
`"HR"_"Basal"` `"Exercise HR"_ "Max"`
`BMI` `BMI_"interpreted"`
Blink Rate Height of the Child

This calculator provides a number of the formulas used by a student of physiology and practitioners of the science. Physiology as a scientific study of the functions of living systems entails a lot of basic mechanics, biology and chemistry.

The tabs are grouped by organ and system related groupings of equations:

  • Cardiovascular (related to the heart, brain, arteries, etc)
  • Renal (related to the kidneys)
  • Respiratory (related to the lungs )